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We are primarily an INVESTOR, coach & consultant (who just happens to hold multiple brokerage licenses.) We are also business managers for other real estate investment companies. We do offer limited brokerage services, however all of my professional services are provided only with a written scope of service agreement. 

You are seeing this information to comply with licensing laws.

Having been licensed since 1983 (AZ) & 2003 (FL) most internet notations you'll see are because of the length of my licensure. Many links are outdated. 

You are a company prospect when there is no scope of service agreement between us. Once you have a scope of service agreement you are then either a customer or client. 

We cooperate with other licensed real estate brokers who execute a compensation agreement or buyer registration with us when selling property.

Many people are shocked to learn the reasons they should insist on having a scope of service agreement with ANY real estate broker they choose. It primarily provides protection for you. Having some certainty about the services & products you are agreeing to use or purchase can go a long way in keeping you safe during any proposed transaction. 

We believe in full disclosure & education of our prospects, customers & clients. Even if you consider yourself to be well-informed regarding real estate matters, things are changing constantly. 

You are not required to work with the listing agent when purchasing a home or investment property. Doing so may leave you unrepresented & at a legal disadvantage if you are not using an attorney to review your contract. You also may want your own real estate representative  who can isolate your deal strategy from other brokers. 

Visit my blog - www.karenleebertiger.net

Office hours are by appointment M-F 9-5 ET. 

My brokerage business is limited to financial feasibility, portfolio analysis, private hedge fund management & direction for commercial & investment property. Speak to me if you would like to find out why you might want that perspective when purchasing high dollar residential property, as well. (Hint: "I speak Wall Street investment banker!")